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ОС/платформа: iPhone
Лицензия: клиент платный
Разработчик: ProcessOne
Мультиязычность: нет
Поддержка плагинов: нет
Несколько аккаунтов одновременно: нет
Поддержка смайликов: да
История сообщений: да
Поддержка стандартов
Передача файлов: да, только фотографии
Обзор сервисов: нет
Регистрация в транспортах и сервисах: нет
Конференции: да
Правка vCard: нет, но можно менять аватарку


  • No additional per-message charges – Users can send and receive instant messages using their existing data plan
  • No need for multiple instant messaging accounts – Individuals who already use instant messaging don’t need to set up another new account specifically for their iPhone. OneTeam for iPhone allows them to re-use any existing XMPP instant messaging account, such as an account with Gmail, or
  • A single platform for communicating with everyone – OneTeam for iPhone allows users to chat with all their contacts regardless of which other instant messaging networks their friends and colleagues use. If the XMPP server supports multiple platforms, users of OneTeam for iPhone will be able to exchange messages with friends and colleagues on AIM®/MobileMe®, ICQ®, MSN®/Windows Live®, Yahoo!® and GoogleTalk®.
  • Clean interface and streamlined workflow – OneTeam for iPhone is designed to be easy to use for both experienced and novice instant messaging users. The interface is user friendly and supports avatars and smileys.
  • Integration with corporate systems – Reliable and efficient, the solution is ideal for use by businesses to help improve employee productivity. Business users can send and receive instant messages using their existing corporate XMPP server.
  • Automatic secure connections – Your discussions are protected by using encryption (StartTLS or SSL).
  • Suitable for Wifi, 3G and Edge networks – The instant messaging capability will work regardless of which network the iPhone is connected to.
  • Support for large number of Jabber / XMPP servers – We support ejabberd, Openfire, jabberd14, jabberd2 and even iChat server.

Особенность клиента

OneTeam - Единственный клиент для iPhone, поддерживающий групповые чаты.

Минусы клиента

  • Отсутствует поддержка vCard;
  • Неудобно организовано групповое общение;
  • Нет привата;
  • Клиент стоит $5.99.