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   Switch the printer on / off to see if it may routinely clear some or every one of the jam. In case your printer demonstrates an error code, make sure and check the printer manual to determine if that recognizes the region of the printer where the jam happened.    Remove any document containers.  Open every other doors that give use of the printer's report way and also to the toner or ink cartridge.  Spot it in a bag or away from light in order to avoid harming it.  The goal is always to keep the report from ripping.  If the report does grab, attempt spinning the roller items personally to free the document (view B).  Exchange the toner or printer tube and paper containers, close any doorways you popped and switch the printer back on.  Reinspect the paper route.    If you get toner or ink in your clothing, remove it down with a dried fabric and after that wash the clothing in coldwater.   

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