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Update 4/5/15: Rescued by Frosted Faces Foundation!

A 11-year-old Shar pei named "Pudge," has run out of moment at the Fruit, Florida, animal control service where she was lately surrendered by her household; Pudge seems to have glaucoma in both of her eyes and she is totally impaired.

A saving firm is desperately required to save Pudge's life - she's been described "relief simply" because of her eye situation, which must be resolved. Go here to look at a video taken in her crate run of Pudge - she's frightened and evidently confused.

Data to aid save Pudge's lifestyle: Recovery OC Attention. 561 The City Travel South, Lime, California. 92868 Telephone: 714.935.6848 Hours: Mon - Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm Wed -10:00am - 7:00pm Myspace line below identification #A0986894 All inquiries concerning this pet has to be led for the facility - the National Puppy News Examiner isn't the contact

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